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Support for the digitization of companies

Support for the digitization of companies


Who is the target audience?

The digital solutions provided by the Digital Kit are oriented to the needs of small businesses, microenterprises and self-employed workers between 1 and 49 workers, belonging to any sector or type of business and that meet the requirements set by the Government. These companies have been divided into 3 segments:

Segment I

Small and medium-sized companies with between 10 and 49 employees

Segment II

Small or micro enterprises between 3 and 9 employees

Segment III

Microenterprises between 1 and 2 employees

These companies may receive up to a maximum of €12,000 in grants, which they will have to use in the digitization of their businesses, choosing the digitizing solutions of the Digital Kit that best suit the needs of their businesses.
In order to access the Digital Kit, they must do so through one or more digitalizing agents that can be found on the AceleraPyme website. The latter is important because the digitizing companies are the ones that will accompany the companies throughout the application process.

What are the requirements?

  • Be a small business, microenterprise or self-employed.
  • To be registered and have the minimum seniority established by the call for applications.
  • Not to be considered as a company in crisis.
  • Be up to date with tax and Social Security obligations.
  • Not be subject to an outstanding recovery order from the European Commission that has declared an aid illegal and incompatible with the common market.
  • Not to incur in any of the prohibitions foreseen in Article 13.2 of Law 38/2003, of November 17, 2003, General Law on Subsidies. Not to exceed the minimum aid limit (small amount).
  • Comply with the financial and effective limits that define the categories of companies.

Support for the digitization of companies

Support for the digitization of companies


We help you manage your digital kit

Once your Digital Kit is granted, from Digitalvar, we can develop the related marketing actions, ensuring the quality standards and compliance with the deadlines and protocols established by the Government of Spain.

The Digital Kit Program offers a digital voucher with a maximum amount per solution category. Our team of experts will help you choose the products that best suit your company according to your level of digitization. Check our offer and benefit from our services in a subsidized way.

Website and Basic Internet Presence

The main objective of this category is that you can have a website to give you visibility on the Internet.


The main objective of the category is to create your website for buying and selling products and/or services using digital media for their exchange.

Social media management

The main objective of this category is to promote your company on social networks.

Advanced Internet Presence

The main objective of this category is the provision of functionalities and/or services to ensure your positioning on the Internet.

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