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Discover our digital marketing blog, with quality and detailed information. In addition, you will find out the latest news.

Digital Marketing Blog

In our digital marketing blog we will talk about the corporate online world, as well as relevant reports on its growth. The perfect place to find out about all the latest news in the digital world.

Among our articles you will find the following topics:

  • Web design articles: we have several experts in the world of web usability and user experience. We will teach you tricks to make your website shine and bring in more users. As everyone knows, web usability and user experience are a determining factor for a business to be successful and to have a good positioning on the Internet, as they are factors that Google takes into account.
  • SEO articles: organic positioning is undoubtedly the fundamental pillar of digital marketing. With our articles we will show you several secrets and all the news that we consider interesting, although we will keep some tricks! But you can rest assured, in our digital marketing blog you will find guides about tools, SEO On page tricks, SEO off page, audits…
  • SEM articles: discover everything you need to know about paid search engine optimization. We have a great guide that will help you discover all the secrets of Google Ads and Bing Ads. Undoubtedly, this is the best way to get an increase of visitors to your website, and it is always interesting to bet on this way of generating traffic. Of course we will also talk about Facebook Ads or Linkedin Ads in our digital marketing blog, tools increasingly used by companies of all kinds.
  • Varied: in this category we include those items that do not fit in the previous categories. We talk about digital and technological news, sector news, news… as well as concepts or topics that cannot be included in the previous categories.

All the articles in our digital marketing blog have been written by members of our team of experts, which allows us to show quality information at all times. In addition to the long experience of our team, the research carried out for the development of our digital marketing blog, with the aim of providing very detailed and accurate information, allows us to be proud of our content.

From DigitAlvar we are confident that all the information you will find in our digital marketing blog will be of great help, and as we said above, that is our goal. Share with users quality and useful content for their business.

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