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The world of artificial intelligence is gaining more and more weight and relevance, which is why we can see how it is a sector that tries to incorporate novelties to improve its use. This same year, GPT-4 was launched, and one of the latest changes it has introduced is the ChatGPT plugins, which are going to be implemented in web browsing.

This way, the public can access the chat and use more than 70 third-party plugins, improving the user experience of the tool.

These ChatGPT plugins offer numerous functionalities. Therefore, from our digital marketing agency in Oviedo, we will explore all the advantages they provide so you can utilize 100% of the application.

What are ChatGPT Plugins?

ChatGPT plugins are extensions specifically created for this language model. They allow the chat to access updated information from certain sources, having the ability to interact with such information.

To better understand this, let’s give an example. ChatGPT cannot make recommendations about flights or trips, but there are extensions from Expedia or Kayak that help ChatGPT access such information. This information is up-to-date, and with it, we can indeed find flights or prices for car rentals.

The goal of these plugins is to add new functionalities to the chat since ChatGPT itself is quite limited, especially with the most recent or real-time information.

Plugins Developed by ChatGPT

Below, we’ll show a brief list of the plugins developed by ChatGPT themselves to increase their potential:

  • ChatGPT Internet Browsing Plugin: This plugin allows ChatGPT to access the internet, a fundamental advantage to provide a response with updated information. The internet connection is made through the Microsoft Bing API. Instead of crawling the internet to add more information, the chat has the ability to browse the internet. Thus, it searches for the necessary sites by clicking on additional links.
  • ChatGPT Code Interpreter Plugin: They have endowed ChatGPT with the ability to execute Python Scripts, which it generates itself with additional options for loading and downloading files. This plugin has been used to cross-check large amounts of data, so this addon can be useful for: solving mathematical problems, performing analysis and visualizing data, and converting files between different formats.
  • ChatGPT Recovery Supplement Plugin: The recovery supplement plugin is a tool that helps developers create custom document retrieval functionality for ChatGPT. This way, developers can create a versatile vector search engine for finding real-time information during conversations. Additionally, the vector database is used as long-term memory storage for ChatGPT to save part of the conversations. Furthermore, the vector database is used as long-term memory storage so that ChatGPT can retain part of the conversations.

These ChatGPT plugins serve to increase the reach and basic usage of the tool, with the first one being the most essential. It’s important to note that the free version of ChatGPT has a temporary limitation, which doesn’t allow for the analysis of recent information.

Third-party Plugins for ChatGPT

Regarding third-party plugins for ChatGPT, these are extensions created by companies other than OpenAI. It’s worth noting that these ChatGPT plugins go beyond simply opening ChatGPT to provide additional information and become interactive.

Below, we showcase some ChatGPT plugins created by third parties that you can use to greatly enhance this tool:

  • Expedia Plugin for ChatGPT: The Expedia plugin allows for travel planning and booking flights and hotels in a simpler way. So, once the plugin is installed, users can obtain all the information they need about flight availability or suggestions, among other possibilities.
  • Zapier and ChatGPT Plugin: The Zapier plugin enables connecting thousands of applications and automating tasks within ChatGPT. This allows saving time and avoids the need to switch contexts, as we ask ChatGPT to perform the task in another application on our behalf.
  • Seamless Communication: With the amazing Slack plugin, ChatGPT allows you to maintain smooth communication with your team while addressing other important tasks.
  • Unlimited Automation: The impressive Zapier plugin unlocks a world of possibilities, allowing ChatGPT to interact with over 5000+ applications, including Google Sheets and Docs, taking automation and productivity to a new level.
  • Hassle-Free Travel: Planning your adventures has never been easier thanks to the Expedia plugin. ChatGPT helps bring your travel plans to life, centralizing all your itinerary needs in one place.
  • Best Deals at Your Fingertips: The Klarna Shopping plugin is the key to getting the best online deals. ChatGPT will search and compare prices across thousands of stores so you can save maximum.
  • Personalized Style and Fashion: Fashion enthusiasts will love the Vogue plugin. ChatGPT will select the most relevant and stylish items to provide you with a personalized update with just a couple of clicks.
  • Maximum Productivity: The TODO plugin will help you keep your tasks under control. With ChatGPT, you can efficiently manage your to-do list, easily setting, editing, and checking off tasks.
  • Simplified Home Improvements: The Lowes plugin is your perfect ally for any home improvement project. ChatGPT will find the right tools and provide guidance so you can successfully carry out your projects.
  • Text to Audio: The Speechki plugin is a wonder for accessibility and learning. ChatGPT will transform any text into audio, providing you with a new way to experience content.
  • Easy Designing: If you’re passionate about design, the FigGPT plugin is your ideal tool. You can bring your ideas to life using Figma directly within ChatGPT, thereby improving your creative workflow.
  • Data Exploration and Visualization: With the Noteable plugin, you can create notebooks in Python, SQL, and Markdown. ChatGPT will simplify data exploration and visualization, making informed decision-making easier.

How to Install Plugins in ChatGPT?

In order to use ChatGPT plugins, we need to follow a series of simple steps. It’s important to remember that these add-ons are not available without a premium subscription.

If you already have ChatGPT Plus, follow these steps:

  1. Open ChatGPT and in the bottom left corner, you can see the Settings section > Beta Features. Here, you need to change the Add-ons settings.
  2. In ChatGPT, select New chat.
  3. Change the ChatGPT model to GPT-4.
  4. In the dropdown menu, select Add-ons > Add-on Store.
  5. Once you’ve reached this point, select the ChatGPT add-on you want to install.

Advantages of Using Plugins in ChatGPT

Using these plugins can offer significant advantages and opportunities, so let’s delve into the functionalities that users can obtain.

  • References: Sometimes, large language models like ChatGPT may generate responses that are not fact-based or verifiable. Plugins can provide access to reliable and proprietary sources of information. This allows the model to back up responses with evidence-based references.
  • Staying up-to-date with recent events: Language models train on a dataset up to a certain date, so they may not be aware of all the latest events. Plugins can offer updated online information.
  • Access to proprietary information sources: Some organizations may have specific information not available to the public. Thanks to plugins, we can access these sources with permission, enhancing the model’s ability to provide specialized and personalized responses.
  • Improved interactivity: With this new modality, users can have a more interactive and enriching experience, performing a wider range of actions such as web searches and calculations.
  • Advanced personalization: Depending on how people interact with ChatGPT, they can have customization around their needs and preferences.
  • Ease of integration: All these plugins are easy to integrate into existing applications and websites.

Interesting Things You Can Do in ChatGPT Thanks to Plugins

Artificial intelligence offers different opportunities for people to develop whatever they want in the chat. Thanks to the use of ChatGPT plugins, you can perform actions you couldn’t even imagine.

Want to learn more about these functionalities? Don’t miss out on everything you can do with the best ChatGPT plugins!

  • Create Websites: With the plugin known as DesignerGPT, you can create a complete website by just letting the chat know.
  • Play Chess: Thanks to the Chess plugin, you can play a game of chess with the chat.
  • Analyze Stocks and Investments: Through the “Portfolio pilot” that analyzes real-time information about stocks and values, providing professional-level suggestions.
  • Generate Images: With the use of the Argila i plugin, we can create realistic images and upload them. Additionally, we can analyze them and obtain useful information.
  • Speak and Read in Different Languages: With the SpeechKi utility, it offers an audio version of a text that allows us to learn to say new things in another language.
  • Summarize and Analyze YouTube Videos
  • It’s possible to summarize any YouTube video in just seconds, ask questions about it, and get answers with timestamps.
  • PDF Documents: If you don’t have time to read a document, you can upload it to ChatGPT and chat with it to ask questions about the information you need from the document.
  • Plan Trips: With the various extensions available, we can search for flights, accommodations, and rent cars, finding the option that may be most suitable for our budget.
  • Grocery and Retail Shopping: With the Instacart plugin, we can order from our favorite supermarkets. Additionally, we can find other functionalities like Klarna or Shop that search and compare between millions of prices and products.
  • Restaurant Recommendations: With OpenTable, ChatGPT users can receive restaurant recommendations and obtain a direct link to make a reservation.
  • Tax and Legal Assistance: Thanks to the FiscalNote plugin, we can access real-time market-leading data for legal, political, and regulatory information.
  • Spreading Magic: Perfect for young children to enjoy a magical time with Milo Family AI.
  • Access to Thousands of Applications: We can interact with a wide variety of applications such as Google Sheets, Gmail, Trello…
  • Find the Perfect Home: With the Zillow function, we can find the house of our dreams.
  • Sports Information: If we want to know the latest sports news, we can find it with the Mashable plugin.

Artificial intelligence has brought about a great change with the emergence of ChatGPT, and it is continuously evolving to introduce new improvements that better meet user’s needs.

ChatGPT plugins provide more content, allowing people to engage in more activities within the chat and obtain much more valuable and useful information.

Had you already heard about plugins in ChatGPT? Do you have any questions about these or any other concepts in the digital world? We’ll be happy to see your comments and assist you. We’re listening!

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