Threads, Meta’s Intimate Revolution

Discover Threads, the microblogging app linked to Instagram

In the era of hyperconnectivity, where social networks bombard us with constant information and updates, a latent need arises: to reconnect in a genuine and personal way. This is where Threads comes into play.

This application, developed by Meta (formerly Facebook), proposes a return to the core of relationships, leaving aside the noise of social networks to focus on the most intimate circle: our best friends.

With an interface that puts the camera in the foreground and tools designed to share moments and moods in real-time, Threads is not just another messaging app, but an invitation to live and share more authentically in the vast digital universe.

Instagram has not wanted to stagnate and has created the Threads application, a tool that allows for public conversations with a large number of users. It is a great competition for Twitter, which has been in controversial points lately as a result of the changes that have occurred.

Thread‘s position is much more favorable, as it has the advantage of being backed by Meta’s large funds and Instagram’s large user base.

In this article from the digital marketing agency in Madrid, we will dive into the heart of Threads and discover how this innovative application is changing the way we communicate in the digital age.

What is Threads?

Threads is defined as a microblogging social network, being a mix between Twitter and Mastodon, but with many more advantages. This social network is linked to Instagram, so accounts on both social networks can be part of a whole.

Its operation is very similar to that of Twitter, and it is not necessary to register if you already have an account created on Instagram. In just 7 hours, 10 million users were obtained, which represents great potential.

Another aspect that makes it very relevant is that it has many celebrities and brands, which makes it ideal for attracting new users.

How does Threads work?

With Threads, we can create text posts, being able to add photos or videos if we wish. It has a limit of 500 characters in the messages, and it is possible to respond to other posts, sharing them or airing them with our own text.

It is linked with Instagram, so it is possible to share the post directly in the Instagram stories, which helps to improve the interaction between both social networks.

At the time of its launch, the application shows only one wall, where the content of people we follow is mixed with the content of other people who talk about topics that may interest us, and this is due to the functioning of the algorithms, but this is temporary, because little by little they will be working to improve the home page.

Threads has a notifications section where we can see all the notifications, whether mentions, responses, or interactions. We can search for other users, and in our profile, we find the link to the account and a button that links directly to the Instagram account.

Like in any other application, we can make the profile private, manage mentions, or mute users or words. It is true that there are still many options to develop, but little by little they will be implemented.

Differences and similarities with Twitter

The truth is that Threads has many similarities with Twitter, users can post messages, where people who follow them and those they follow can respond. It is also possible to share photos and videos, but there are also some differences between them. In the case of Threads, it does not have direct messaging.

But there are other differences, such as in the character limit in the posts, from 500 characters in Threads to the 280 of Twitter. Threads also does not have a limit on the number of posts viewed, unlike what happened on Twitter, where the limit was 600 posts per day.

Threads does not allow saving posts as drafts, but they must be shared at the moment or deleted. Regarding security policies, Threads follows the same conditions as Instagram.

Next, we break down some of the main characteristics of these social platforms:

Main Objective:

  • Threads: Its main objective is intimate communication between the user and their “Best Friends” list on Instagram. It focuses on quickly sending photos, videos, and states to a closed circle.
  • Twitter: It is a social network that allows users to post short messages called “tweets”. It is a microblogging platform used to share thoughts, news, and content, and it focuses on public communication and dissemination.


  • Threads: Aimed at a closed circle of contacts (Best Friends).
  • Twitter: Generally aimed at a wider audience, as tweets are public by default (although accounts can be protected).

Main Interface:

  • Threads: Focused on the camera to quickly capture and send photos and videos.
  • Twitter: Focused on the tweet feed, where you can see updates from people you follow.

Content Type:

  • Threads: Mostly multimedia (photos, videos) and states.
  • Twitter: Text (tweets), although it also allows sharing images, videos, and other multimedia formats.

Connection with Other Platforms:

  • Threads: It is closely linked with Instagram.
  • Twitter: It works as an independent platform, although it allows integrations and sharing content from other sources.

Similarities between Threads and Twitter

  • Mobile Platform: Both are applications designed primarily for mobile devices, although Twitter also has a robust desktop version.
  • Sharing Moments in Real Time: Both Threads and Twitter are designed to share updates and moments in real-time, either with an intimate circle (Threads) or with the world (Twitter).
  • User Interaction: Both platforms allow direct interaction between users through messages. Threads does it in a more private format, while Twitter has Direct Messages (DM) in addition to public interaction.
  • Presence of Multimedia: Both Threads and Twitter allow users to share multimedia content, such as photos and videos.

The Future of Threads

The goal of Threads is not to be a centralized social network, and for this, it wants to implement the ActivityPub protocol, making it part of the Fediverse.

The Fediverse works differently from current social networks. Nowadays, networks have all the content stored on the servers of a single instance. Thus, there wouldn’t be a single server, but rather a large network of servers and instances. User data will be stored on those servers of the instance they are registered in, making it possible to read the content of all users from all instances.

The idea that Threads implements this technology allows us to interact with users without the need to register on the social network. Additionally, Threads aims to be a more impartial social network, with fewer controversies than Twitter.

Availability of Threads

Threads app can be downloaded for free from both the Apple and Google Play stores in the United States. The idea is to expand to more countries; however, during the initial stage, it will not be available in the European Union.

Europe will implement a Digital Markets Act in the coming months, which will limit how tech companies share data between services. Meta, therefore, is waiting to know the application of the law before launching the application to more countries.

Enjoy Threads on PC

We can find the web version of Threads, which makes it ideal for use on the computer, something that is in high demand by the public. This allows its use and, therefore, introduces new functionalities that have not yet been developed.

How to Download the Application?

To download the application, we just need to access the App Store or Google Play Store and search for it within the platform. By clicking on download, we can enjoy the application anytime.

How to Activate the Profile?

To activate the profile, we must log in with an Instagram user, complementing personal information or with the option to import data from Instagram. Here we can choose whether we want the profile to be public or private.

How to Use Threads?

As we have mentioned throughout the article, it has a very similar interface to Twitter, where in the “home” section we can interact with other people’s posts, and in the search icon, we can find other Threads users.

If we want to create a thread, we have to click on the notebook icon, publish the message, and continue at the bottom.

Although the use of Threads is limited to certain countries, it presents itself as a great revolution that aims to surpass Twitter. It is interesting that users can access new platforms where they can continue communicating and accessing quality content, so these platforms will gradually work to achieve improvements and be able to adapt to the demands of the public.

Conclusion about this New App

In the online world, we are tired of seeing how every now and then a new social platform comes out that will get all users hooked, and it seems that Threads will be another example.

The competition from Twitter comes with strength, with the entire Meta ecosystem behind it and the support of the public, with record downloads in the first hours of its release.

This application is coming in strong, and from our website, we wanted to give you a glimpse of the changes it will bring to the use of Twitter and to companies, which will also have to jump on board with it.

As always, we will be happy to answer any questions about this new social platform or any other concept of digital marketing, we’re all ears!

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